BlockPunk is a film and tv merchandise platform for creators and fans. For fans, we offer the world's biggest anime merchandise search engine. Find official, authentic merchandise right from the source in Japan right when it drops. For creators, we offer a blockchain print on demand service to print and ship authentic merchandise worldwide.  Fans can buy, collect and resell works from their favourite creators. Each item comes with a digital certificate of authenticity linked to a blockchain record proving it is the real thing and not fake. Depending on the item the certificate may also link to digital extras provided by the creator. Both fans and creators may also earn from resales of the items if sold through BlockPunk. 

Why creators work with us?

  1. Risk-free. With our on-demand model there is no cost and fans can order a minimum of 1. Creators even earn money when an item is re-sold.
  2. Quality. With our global printing partners like Dai Nippon Printing we only offer quality merch.
  3. Bi-lingual customer support. We handle customer support in both English and Japanese.
  4. Blockchain proof of authenticity. Each item comes with a digital certificate of authenticity secured on blockchain - this means its unhackable and lasts forever.
  5.  Bundle digital extras. You can also bundle digital extras like video, artwork or ebooks!

Am I giving up my intellectual property (IP) rights?
No!  When fans buy content on BlockPunk fans buy the non-commercial rights to own a limited edition item of digital content. Owners do not own the underlying intellectual property rights or copyright which remain with the creator. All sales are final. By buying digital content via BlockPunk, fans can directly support creators even when re-selling or trading content. 

What is blockchain?

What does 'Punk' mean? (Punk = creative freedom) 

What is the Revenue Share? 

Who is behind BlockPunk? 

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