BlockPunk has collaborated with its investor Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (“DNP”), Japan’s largest printing company, to bring their high-end premium art print product to fans around the world. The prints are already well known to anime fans in Japan as Primo Art

Each print is made on-demand at DNP's headquarters in Tokyo using their high-end printer which covers a colour spectrum that is not available to normal printers. In addition, DNP's printing director manually adjusts the colours based on discussion with the original artist in order to produce the best results and stay as close as possible to the original master.

Through BlockPunk, international fans will be able to appreciate them for the first time. Read more here about how we worked with DNP to make this happen. 

Each print comes with an NFC-enabled digital certificate of authenticity secured on the blockchain. You can use your phone to scan and bring up the certificate to highlight the creator, title details, provenance and confirm your ownership of the art with your BlockPunk ID. The tag can also allow the owner to access exclusive digital extras such as sketches and designs from the artist. 

Here's an example of what the certificate looks like: 

Digital certification on the blockchain provides an immutable record that gives owners a higher level of authenticity and copy protection than ever before. That immutable record also gives creators increased control over their digital rights and licenses. It offers a proof of ownership for fans that increases the value of the physical product. 

In summary: 

  1. Premium Art prints made on-demand in Tokyo by Japan's largest printing company DNP (Dai Nippon Printing) using proprietary Primo Art tech.
  2. NFC-enabled digital certificate of authenticity secured on blockchain for each print.
  3. Hi-resolution printer covers wide colour spectrum and is manually fine-tuned by DNP's Printing Director 
  4. Now available for the first time ever outside Japan through BlockPunk! 
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