1. MASSIVE SELECTION - we use AI tech to scan all the official stores in Japan every day so you can find the one thing you're looking for, right from the source, in real time. As I write this we have close to 900K items from over 50+ official stores. Missing anything? Please let us know at [email protected]
  2. EASY SEARCH and buy - just search for your favourite title or item then click buy to have it bought and sent to you worldwide! 
  3. DIGITAL CERTIFICATES of authenticity secured on blockchain - we issue a free digital certificate of authenticity with each item that proves your ownership and the provenance of the item. The certificate can be used to (i) prove the item when you resell (ii) transfer ownership to somebody else (iii) see the ownership history and background of the item. Why blockchain? By recording on blockchain the record can never be hacked and lasts forever providing a high level of integrity. Yes forever, just like Ajin! More on digital certificates here. 
  4. VIRTUAL SHELF - show off your collection with your 'virtual shelf' you can show off what you own digitally, also wishlist items you don't own to create your 'dream shelf' see other fans collections too. 
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