The items described here cannot be bought and sent to you. The customer is responsible for checking whether the item in his/her shopping cart is not one of these 'bad' items described below. If you do buy a forbidden item in spite of this, you are fully responsible any losses incurred, including but not limited to the cost of the item, any service or handling fees, any shipping fees (domestic Japan or international) banking or payment gateway fees, recycling fees, etc.

The BAD or FORBIDDEN list:

  1. Anything illegal! (Drugs, guns, weapons, items that are pirated or infringe copyright, 3rd party IP, anything that can incite violence or criminal activity) 
  2. TOO BIG or TOO HEAVY - if its over 150cm OR over 30Kg: please contact us BEFORE buying! We may need to change the shipping method to Fedex/DHL. 
  3. EXPLOSIVE or FLAMMABLE items (eg. gas, oil, alcohol etc anything harmful to health) Please contact us separately if your item has batteries. 
  4. PLANTS, ANIMALS, BACTERIA (Pokemon OK! ;)) 
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