1. Signup for an account, then respond to the verification email
  2. Post your items from here. Describe your items with as many details as possible.
  3. Accept the request from customers. Then ship the item to their address.
  4. The item fee will be transferred to your bank account after they mark the deal as completed.


  • Note that we take 10% of the item price as a commission fee to keep running our service.
  • We recommend you to set the item price at less than half of the original price. once the item starts getting close to the price of a new one (or above) people will just buy something new instead. Of course hard to find or vintage items are an exception to this.
  • Be active for international deals. Anime is everywhere now. You will miss many revenue opportunities if you ignore customers from outside of the US. Clarify in the item description that you can ship the item outside of your country.
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