BlockPunk is a new way for creators to sell limited edition digital video and artwork to their fans, earning income even when content is resold. 

Fans can buy, collect and resell works from their favourite creators. 

We give creators the tools to protect and sell their content to their fans and collectors using blockchain technology. 

Anime creators, film-makers, illustrators, animators, Youtubers, V-Tubers, Voice Actors/Actresses, Mangaka... use BlockPunk to mint limited editions and sell their work to a global audience. 

What we offer Creators

  • Digital Certificates of Authenticity secured on the blockchain. Easy-to-use tools so you can record your work on blockchain and mint limited edition digital copies of your video and artwork, creating a proof that you are the creator and owner of your work. 
  • Your Digital Storefront. With BlockPunk you can easily set up your profile and start selling and sharing with your fans. 
  • Distribution. We help you sell your work amongst the blockchain community and within the anime community by partnering with marketplaces and trusted brands. 

Am I giving up my intellectual property (IP) rights?
No!  When you buy content on BlockPunk you are buying the non-commercial rights to own a limited edition item of digital content. Owners do not own the underlying intellectual property rights or copyright which remain with the creator. All sales are final. By buying digital content via BlockPunk, fans can directly support creators even when re-selling or trading content.

What is blockchain?

What does 'Punk' mean? (Punk = creative freedom) 

What is the Revenue Share? 

Who is behind BlockPunk? 

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