Being part of the BlockPunk community is easy!

1. Sign up ✍️

The basics

Click on "Sign-up" and input your e-mail, password and username.
Please note that usernames and e-mails cannot be changed at the moment, so pick wisely and check that all details are correct! You can also use your Twitter handle to login. Again all order details are sent to your registered email so please ensure you have a working email address registered. Once you have set up your email, password and username you can now browse the marketplace and begin shopping creators products and collectibles. 

For users who want to pay or be paid in Ether digital currency or collect blockchain tokens please also follow these steps to get set up with your Metamask digital wallet 

Identify theft

BlockPunk takes identify and artwork theft very seriously. If you spot a suspicious account, please flag it out to us via our chat messenger or on our Facebook page.

2. Set up MetaMask for Ether payments and tokens 🦊

How to

Currently we support MetaMask a digital wallet to store your Ether currency and tokens.

Please download the browser plug-in here: MetaMask. They provide a step-by-step overview of the setup process. 

After you're done getting a MetaMask account, go to "Payment settings" on BlockPunk and click "Modify Ethereum Address". We'll take it from there!  

Why Use MetaMask?

Metamask is a third party digital wallet that allows users to transact using Ether (ETH) the digital currency of the Ethereum blockchain upon which BlockPunk is built.  

Have an alternative to MetaMask? Let us know via the chat or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Getting your profile up on BlockPunk 🌟 

Looking good

The best way to present yourself on any social media is to upload a profile picture and tell us your story and journey; at Blockpunk, it's the very same! 

Click on "Edit profile" to input your information and upload an awesome profile picture. You can also add your social links so people can find out more about you outside of BlockPunk.

Payment settings

In order to enable payouts in USD, we'll need our users to connect their Stripe account.

Go to your payment settings to connect your stripe account. For residents in the USA, you can setup a Stripe Express account.

Not connecting your stripe account means that you can only be paid in Ether. So potential buyers of your creations or collectibles can only pay you with Ether.

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