You're building traffic on social media but you want a way to monetise so you can continue creating. 

Here's how to upload your content and start selling.

Uploading Original work 🖼️

Name of creation: The title or name of your content.

Description: Tell us about your artwork, content or video.  Tell us your inspiration. Descriptions are like stories, the better written it is, the more enticing it is to fans. 

Sale Price:  The current base price for all artwork is in USD. The sale price refers to the price per edition. 

Editions to Mint: The amount of copies you make available for sale. You can make it extremely rare by only offering a single edition (one-of-a-kind), or make it more accessible to potential buyers by offering 100 or more editions. You decide the quantity.

Sales Target: Our calculator tells you how much potential revenue you'll make if you manage to sell all the editions you have minted on BlockPunk (Price x Quantity) Please note that it's always good to set a realistic goal, so you should adjust your sale price and editions accordingly.

Review Timeline

To ensure a quality experience for all, the BlockPunk team reviews each content upload before it can be published on the site. This will typically happen within 12-24 hours after submission, however, in some cases, it can take up to 1 week. 

We kindly seek for your patience and understanding on this matter.

Content Guidelines

Please do ensure that your artwork follows our guidelines. If they do not, your artwork will be rejected. 

Copyright Infringement: Please be original. Collectibles and artworks cannot mix properties, copyright, or trademarks. You must have sole ownership of the content and design or art. You may not use other artists’ work or assets. This means fan art cannot be sold since it is a derivative work of another creators IP. 

Obscenity: We will reject any defamatory or pornographic artwork. We will also automatically reject content with any threats to a person, business, place, or group.  

Deleting your artwork 🗑️

To ensure fairness in trading and ownership, please contact us via the chat or e-mail us at [email protected] if you wish to have your artwork removed from our platform.

Video Limits

  1. BlockPunk will cover all video uploading and encoding costs for a limited period for all early users of the platform for the first $10,000 of sales. 
  2. To ensure fair usage amongst creators there is an initial cap of 100GB of video uploads that will be removed once creators reach $1000 of sales.
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