BlockPunk is currently free to use for our early members. This means that the blockchain transaction fees will be covered by BlockPunk until further notice. 

For all sales or resales of digital content, BlockPunk takes a 15% commission on any purchases in Ether or credit card. Until further notice, BlockPunk will also cover any additional old-school credit card processing fees. 

For resales, creators will receive 85% of the BlockPunk 15% commission equal to 12.75% of the resale fee. 

All sales are final.

Cashing out ETH (Ether) 

To buy or cash out ETH, you'll have to create an account with a digital currency exchange such as Coinbase, or Bitflyer.

Cashing out in USD (US dollars) 

We use Stripe (a global payments processor) to issue payments for content bought with a credit card. Once you've connected your Stripe account in payment settings, cash will be directly deposited to your Stripe account upon sale. Once the payment has cleared with Stripe, the funds will be immediately available to you.

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