Fans can: 

  1. Collect limited edition digital content from your favourite creators (for example: on-demand video, tickets for livestreams, manga, art)
  2. Earn money from trading and reselling digital content 
  3. Support your favourite creators new projects and get exclusive access 

and in the near future ....

   4. Get a say in the running of our studio! We're building the world's first community-driven anime studio where fans can get special access to the studio process never before possible, using the same software we're developing for any creator. Imagine requesting and voting on what kind of anime you want to get made, privileged access to events, content, livestreams, merch, talent.  

Production committees driven by TV broadcast and DVD sales are breaking down, making way for the big streaming platforms to finance productions. For the creators, streaming globally is great but comes with a big trade-off in lost rights and no access to viewing data. These platforms are also not optimised to sell merchandise. We believe there is another way. Time for a new anime studio driven by a community of fans and creators. We will work with fans to understand your tastes and what kind of anime you want to see. We will work with quality creators like Studio Mappa and ARCH to deliver content and merchandise direct to fans at higher margins. We will connect creators and fans, no middlemen. We will help uncover new stories and voices like Syo5 ("Shogo").

Our mission is to help creators and fans achieve freedom using blockchain and peer-to-peer technology. Anime creators have been punks driving innovation at every new technology shift and we stand again with anime at the dawn of Web 3.0 

What kind of creators is BlockPunk for? Film-makers, illustrators, animators, Youtubers, V-Tubers, Voice Actors/Actresses, Mangaka... Creators who are not afraid to challenge the status quo. Punk means the freedom to create.

Sign-up today and join us on our journey!

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