Payment 💸

Paying with fiat currency

BlockPunk supports credit card payment on our platform using fiat currency.

Paying with Ether

Make sure your Metamask wallet has sufficient Ether available and checkout.

Why Use MetaMask?

Metamask is a third party digital wallet that allows users to transact using Ether (ETH) the digital currency of the Ethereum blockchain upon which BlockPunk is built.  

Cashing out ETH (Ether) 

To buy or cash out ETH, you'll have to create an account with a digital currency exchange such as Coinbase, or Bitflyer.

Cashing out in USD (US dollars) 

We use Stripe (a global payments processor) to issue payments for content bought with a credit card. Once you've connected your Stripe account in payment settings, cash will be directly deposited to your Stripe account upon sale. Once the payment has cleared with Stripe, the funds will be immediately available to you.

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