Each item bought on BlockPunk comes with a digital certificate of authenticity that is recorded on blockchain. Click on "view certificate" on the item page to see the certificate. 

The certificate has 3 functions: 

  1. Prove your ownership by linking to your BlockPunk ID.
  2. Prove the authenticity and provenance of the item.
  3. Provide a convenient digital record of transactions that can be accessed online without need for physical paper records. 

What can I do with a digital certificate? 

  • Prove authenticity when re-selling 
  • Show off your collection - digitally 
  • Transfer ownership to the next owner 

The certificate brings life to your item or collectible and imbues it with history and backstory. We use blockchain to give you long lasting digital ownership and ensure that the certificate cannot be hacked easily. Each certificate links to a unique non-fungible token recorded on the public Ethereum blockchain and supports ERC-721 standards. 

How do I view my certificate?
What is blockchain?
How do I transfer ownership of my item?

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