8 easy steps :)

  1. Search for your favourite title or item
  2. Click buy 
  3. Pay the product price and the shipping charges
  4. Wait for an email informing you when it reaches our Japan warehouse where we will update you on shipment *Please note that for preorders the shipment should be close to the shipment month stated in the product description. *If there are delays by the supplier or any excess charges over the standard weight we will update you at this point. Our flat rate shipping costs apply to up to 5 items per order, 1.5Kg in weight, and 90cm in length+width+height. 
  5. Get your tracking number by email. 
  6. Receive the package in your country!
  7. Please note that you may have to pay local customs charges or taxes that are particular to your country - these costs are the responsibility of the customer. Thx for understanding. 
  8. Rejoice and share your updated collection or 'virtual shelf' with friends! 
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